Our Story

Passion for Sustainable Agriculture.

Bio Bloom U Ltd was founded out of the passion to save the environment through ingenious sustainable solutions. We use organic waste and Black Soldier Flies (BSF) to do the following: Produce affordable, high quality organic fertilizer for smallholder farmers. 70% of Uganda’s agricultural soils are depleted. Secondly, we produce alternative protein for use in poultry and animal feeds. With our exploding human population, reliance on lake resources is not sustainable.

And that’s not all! Our efforts help to address organic waste management challenges, protect the air and water, while providing green jobs to young people who otherwise wouldn’t find decent employment.

We are motivated that our tireless innovation has resulted in a business that can impact millions of smallholder farmers and their communities.

We are a social enterprise dedicated to production and marketing of sustainable faming solutions while providing extension support training to smallholder farmers. This, helps to close the soil nutrient management knowledge gaps among smallholder farmers which results in improved yields. Our efforts help farmers to “farm the soil”, reduce dependence on chemical fertilizers and ensure sustainable agricultural productivity for the current and future generations. 

Bio Bloom is 100% committed to ending food insecurity and reducing greenhouse emissions that have resulted in climate change effects, by providing a circular sustainable solution using organic waste and Black Soldier Flies (BSF). 

We look forward to having a conversation with you on agricultural sustainability for smallholder farmers, the circular economy, environmental protection, and economic liberation using rural communities.


To lead the way in transforming organic waste into valuable agricultural resources, revolutionizing the way we nourish ourselves and our planet.


A World of healthy soils and environment, resilient and productive farming systems and thriving agricultural communities.