KEMET Bokashi Organic Fertilizer

Our fertilizer-KEMET Bokashi is produced by upcycling bio-waste using Black Soldier Fly technology to produce a nutrient rich soil amendment. Bokashi organic fertilizer has high nutrient content of, micro and macro elements (NPK) needed for crop uptake. This is available as solid or liquid fertilizer.

Composition: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Pottassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron,Trace Elements, and 68% Organic matter.

Why Buy KEMET Bokash Fertilizer?

1. It provides a sustainably cost effective source of primary, secondary and trace element crop nutrients throughout the season.
2. Increases crop yield by more than 40% due to its sufficiently rich nutrient profile.
3. Its organic matter composition supports the existence of symbiotic soil organisms that improve crops pest and disease resilience thus reducing the costs of pesticide application.
4. Due to its high organic matter content, KEMET Bokashi improves water retention in the soils thus enabling crops to perform better even during dry spells.

This is available in 10kg and 25kg bags.